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Terms of payment

Terms of purchase define the rules that are to be followed by both the Seller and the Buyer, which in turn ensures the successful completion of sales transactions through the Baragoni online store. The terms of purchase also specify the consequences for both Baragoni and the Buyer, resulting from non-compliance with the predefined rules. Baragoni reserves the right to change the general conditions of purchase in accordance with the new offers and legal regulations. Thus it is necessary to check the information regarding the general conditions of purchase before making the purchase. 

General terms online store accepts VISA, MasterCard, and Maestro payment cards.

The user’s account is debited after delivering the goods to the Buyer.

Baragoni guarantees the price on the day of purchase, regardless of any change in price before delivery. This refers to both possible increases and decreases in the price.

In case an error occurs during the purchase process (e.g. lost internet connection or unavailability of the credit card processor…), the Customer’s account will not be debited.

Baragoni undertakes to hand over the purchased goods to the courier service in charge of delivery within one business day. The estimated total time for delivery of goods to the Buyer on the address they provided during the purchase process is a maximum of 6 business days, regardless of where the destination is in Serbia (usually the goods arrive at the Buyer’s address in 2 to 3 business days).

If the Buyer enters incorrect personal data or the residence address (address for delivery of goods) during the purchase process, Baragoni is not responsible for the non-delivery of goods. In case that happens, Baragoni will try to contact the Buyer and deliver the goods to the new address with an additional delivery cost fee. If Baragoni is unable to contact the Buyer in due time, the Buyer will be charged for internal costs, the amount of which is 450.00 dinars.

If there are any ambiguities regarding the provided personal data or selected products, Baragoni will contact the Buyer by phone or email before sending the goods. If the Customer is unavailable or does not respond to the mail, this may cause an extension of the delivery time for which Baragoni cannot take responsibility.

Deadlines for delivery of goods may be extended if the Buyer requests special finishing on the selected product. The Buyer will be notified in advance.

If the Buyer does not want to take over the purchased goods, they will be charged for the incurred handling costs in the amount of 450.00 dinars (see CANCELLATION OF PURCHASE).

The delivery price by the courier service in the promotional period is included in the total cost of the goods you buy. Baragoni will visibly state the delivery fees at the end of the promotional period.

After the purchase and before its delivery to the home address the specification of the selected products cannot be changed.

After the purchase, the Buyer can find out any information regarding the status of their order on the Internet or by calling 011 30 86 850.

In case of any change or problem during delivery, Baragoni will try to contact the Buyer on the contact phone or e-mail they provided during the purchase process.

Baragoni is not obliged to resolve complaints caused by the impossibility of delivery due to the incorrect or non-existent address of the Buyer.

If Baragoni is not able to deliver the purchased goods due to technical reasons, the Buyer will be immediately notified by phone, and the Buyer’s account will not be charged for the given amount.

Shopping in Baragoni online stores can only be done by adult individuals.

Baragoni is not responsible for transactions made without the knowledge of credit card holders (stolen credit cards, borrowed payment cards, children using parents’ cards, etc.). In case of such transactions, Baragoni will not issue a refund.


Pre-authorization refers to the pre-authorization of the transaction, where funds equal to the amount of the transaction are reserved on the  User’s/Buyer’s account, and the transaction is finalized only after the delivery of goods/services or after the Merchant confirms to the bank that delivery is completed.

Cancellation of purchase:

If you wish to do so for any reason, we will accept the cancellation of the order you made on our online store within 14 days from the date of delivery or collecting the goods.

If you decide to cancel your order during this time and notify us in writing, we will initiate a refund process.

Before that happens, you must return the delivered products to our headquarters in any way, at your expense. Attention: do not return products by cash on delivery courier service!

Important: products must be originally packaged and packaging undamaged. The products must not be used and must be whole (as they were at the time of delivery) and accompanied by original purchase documents (delivery note, fiscal invoice, certificate). It is also necessary to send a written statement (fill in the form) about your wish to cancel the purchase of a specific product, and you must provide your JMBG (unique personal identification number) from your ID card. This is necessary in order to cancel the fiscal invoice.

We will refund the funds within a reasonable time frame and a maximum of 30 days from receiving PROPERLY returned products. If all the above conditions are not met, we will not be able to issue a refund, and we will deliver the products to you again at your expense.

Data privacy

In order to successfully process your purchase, you need to enter accurate information: first and last name, e-mail address, contact phone number, and address. With this information, we will be able to deliver the purchased goods to you. Your personal information will not be used for marketing or any other purpose unless you have consented.

When collecting the product from the basket (reserving funds from the bank), the customer is transferred to the website of the bank that performs the processing. Baragoni does not have access to the customer’s payment card data. The billing process is protected by the most modern techniques and is completely safe for the customer, which the Banka Intesa Processor guarantees.

On behalf of Baragoni, we are committed to protecting the privacy of all our customers. We collect only the necessary, basic data on customers/users and the data necessary for business and informing users, following good business practices and providing quality service. All user/customer data is securely kept and is only available to employees who need this data to do their job. All Baragon employees (and business partners) are responsible for respecting privacy principles.


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