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Baragoni bags finally hit the Croatian market

The news that handmade Baragoni bags will finally hit the Croatian market caught the attention of ELLE Croatia magazine. Morane Petričević’s Zagreb-based boutique agency MP marketing announced that Baragoni brand would start expanding outside of Serbia, and the news thrilled Croatian fashionistas. 

ELLE Croatia talked about how Baragoni brand came to be. They also mentioned how the founders Jelena Andrejević and Jovana Jankov found inspiration in Italian fashion and the Eternal city of Rome. Jelena holds a journalism degree while Jovana is an art major, but they share the love of timeless pieces and classical design that never goes out of style. The two of them design their handbags with the idea that they will be worn and loved by future generations too. 

Jelena and Jovana stated that today’s trends are changing rapidly, and their wish is for their luxury handbags to slow down the fashion industry a little bit. Seeing as each bag is handmade in Belgrade, Baragoni fits the “slow fashion” principle to a T. Their collections are limited, designed and made to last forever, which can be done with proper care.  

The top-quality leather used to make Baragoni handbags is imported from Italy, as are the lining material and metal pieces. Another proof that Baragoni is on par with other world-famous brands is that they work with Fibel group, metal manufacturers working for Givenchy, Dior, Balmain, Lanvin, etc.


We are driven by our neverending ambition to discover new aesthetic horizons and design lavish creative expressions. Tailored to awe and dazzle, our handbags allow you to carry so much more than just what’s inside.

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