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The legend of BARAGONI handbags

True beauty has the fascinating ability to defy time and shine unwaveringly through centuries. It radiates class and captivates with its style, stirring the purest emotions in the heart of the beholder.Baragoni has one mission – to continuously produce true beauty.

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Each line reveals a story of splendor. Every shape holds a secret message waiting to be explored. Every piece of Baragoni’s fashion breathes luxury. We draw our inspiration from ages of grandeur, sophistication and magnificence to create value which will proudly and adamantly stand the test of time. Endlessly charming, eternally elegant.

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Impeccable symmetry is true beauty’s greatest ally. We recognize it and cherish it momentarily - the boldness of its expression permeates our subconscious, showing us the path of harmony and balance. The purity of form created by the hands of a true master is what defines a masterpiece. Our handbags are made to last, shaped by superior craftsmen striving for nothing short of perfection.


As gorgeous as a renaissance scuplture can be, it is ultimately only as strong as its center. If the marble isn’t flawless, neither is the sculpture. Learning from the geniuses of old, we select nothing but the finest and most exceptional materials which we then meticulously shape to deliver breathtaking fashion pieces. Faultless leather, premium details and immaculate accessories, fused together into unforgettable handbags.


We are driven by our neverending ambition to discover new aesthetic horizons and design lavish creative expressions. Tailored to awe and dazzle, our handbags allow you to carry so much more than just what’s inside.

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